Gambling. Are you aware of its current legislation in the United Kingdom? Check it right away!

Are you also among those who like spending nasty evenings in a cozy environment, playing a game or two? If you are, we bet, a question of laws behind it preoccupied your mind at least once, isn’t it?

First fact to mention is that gambling is defined as a licit sphere in the UK, i.e. its practices are controlled by the laws. Going back in history, one can notice its immense popularity in London and all over the Europe since the first half of the twentieth century. But, with the development of modern technologies, now it’s getting increasingly common in its online type. Needless to say, this fact has resulted in changing the specific acts controlling the whole sector in the UK over the past decade.

With such a great amount of fans, no wonder that this particular sphere is believed to be one of the strongest industries. Having become as available as never before, gambling captured the attention of media and state bodies three years back, after a new act was adopted by a special controlling organization.

Regulating Bodies

What can be better than a brilliant game? But who or what will control its flow?

All sorts of gambling are solely controlled by the corresponding body. The idea behind creating it was in attaining a safe surrounding for the gamer, as well as regulating the income of the service providers.

Thus, a user can be sure that each time he or she taps the button to try his or her luck, each action is secured by the strict act, which means safety of his or her bets for the gamer, and transparency for the government.

No matter if you enjoy your game at home, sipping a cup of cocoa in front of your home computer, or trying your luck in some public place, law is designed to protect both sides in any case.

Avoid selecting untrustworthy providers

In order to track and regulate this sphere even more effectively, a new act has obliged the companies to get a legal permission from the commission.

This additional measure followed by a liability of paying 15 % taxes forced a set of smaller companies to quit the sphere.

What does it mean for you as a customer? Nothing extraordinary!

In reality, the level of trust provided by the gamers to the top operators has increased as never before.

Currently, you as a customer can be sure that each of the top ten online casinos will provide undoubtedly high service and safety of your bets. Enjoy a wonderful game playing safe!

Peculiarities of the Gambling Business in the UK

Nowadays the world of casinos is more accessible to gamblers than ever before thanks to a wide variety of sites. According to the surveys conducted by the UK Gambling Commission, the number of people that enjoy online gambling continues to grow while offline casinos steadily become less popular. It is not at all surprising as the level of convenience offered by online platforms and mobile apps cannot be surpassed. When it comes to the peculiarities of the gambling business, there are a few things that you need to know if you want to create your own online casino.

Gambling Business in the UK: What You Will Need

As opposed to some countries where gambling is banned completely or those where laws regarding this activity are extremely confusing and complicated, the gambling laws in the UK are quite straightforward. Starting a successful business requires a gambling services provider to obtain a license from the official Gambling Commission which has been created to regulate both online and offline casinos.
The two licenses which are generally required for people to start their casino business are:

  • Personal management license – takes approximately 8 weeks to process
  • Operating license

Regardless of where potential gambling providers live, if they want to create a business and provide their services to UK citizens they will need to obtain an operating license from the Gambling Commission. The choice of license will also depend on the type of gambling services that will be offered. The best idea is to get in touch with the Gambling Commission and see which regulations apply to you if you want to get involved in this business.
Furthermore it should be noted that those online casinos which receive their licenses are subject to continuous monitoring and this means that if they don’t ensure a safe and fair environment for their players that the license can be revoked at any moment. The gambling software and payments systems used by operators should also be reliable.

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