The Casino Island Website Cookie Policy

The Casino Island site has cookies for optimizing and improving users’ website experience. When people access the site, they get notified about the cookies. Your consent is needed through the browser settings or manually.

The Casino Island site has several tools to enhance its operation and user experience. Check the following list for details regarding the 3rd party terms.

  1. Cloudflare
  2. The service determines the users’ geolocation, and it offers them details specific to a country.

    The link below contains Cloudflare policies.

  3. Google Analytics
  4. The files assist in determining people’s behavior while accessing a site. The information gained helps in offering people a better browsing experience.

    The link below contains the Google policies.

Definition of cookies

Cookies are tiny written files sent by a visited site. They get kept in the visitor’s browser. The website uses them to find out whether one is returning or a new user. They also gather analytical information that enables the website to enhance its services to improve users’ experience.

Cookies types

  • Persistent
  • The cookies get kept from a particular period. The duration depends on the service. They remain until their time expires or the user deletes them.

  • Session

The cookies are there when users browse the website. Closing the browser removes them.

Usage of cookies

Internet users can encounter various cookies. They aim to enhance the experience when browsing. Below are the most popular cookie types.

  • Essential: They give people access to a service. Refusing them restricts you from accessing a website.
  • Performance: They enable the company managers to enhance customers’ experience.
  • Functionality: The files help the service to know returning guests and apply their preferences as per their previous visit.
  • Advertising: The files show relevant promotional details as per users’ preferences and past site usage.

How to control cookies

People who don’t desire to accept the Casino Island cookies can adjust their browsers. Below is how you can do that on different browsers.

  1. Chrome
  2. Mozilla
  3. Opera
  4. Internet Explorer
  5. Safari
  6. Microsoft Edge

It is advisable not to delete or disable cookies since that can impact your browsing to the extent of getting restricted. It can also limit the probability of getting relevant content.