History of slot machines and their place in modern gambling

For the majority of people, slot machines are something that immediately comes to mind when thinking about casinos. The main thing that attracts players to these machines is the fact that they are extremely easy to figure out and offer you a chance of instant rewards if you win. If we take a look at the surveys regularly conducted by the Gambling Commission it’s easy to notice that slot machines always occupy the top positions when it comes to the most popular gambling methods.

Before becoming an integral part of the online gambling world, slot machines have had quite an interesting history. Here are some of the facts that you may not know about slot machines:

  • The first slot machine, called the Liberty Bell, was created by Charles Fey, an inventor living in San Francisco, in 1895. The machine became incredibly popular and started an entire trend not only in the United States but also around the world. The early models of the slot machine were played by pulling the lever and thus setting the reels in motion. Once that was done, you would have to wait for the machine to stop and see the numbers. The lever is the reason why the slot machines are still referred to as one-armed bandits.
  • The history of slot machines changed in 1902 with them being banned in numerous states across America. Thanks to the creative decision of the slot machine makers, players were still able to enjoy the game during those times. The way developers were able to overcome the ban was by introducing the images of sweets and fruit to the slot machines instead of playing cards. Thanks to the new design, a lot of people refer to all slots as fruit machines, which is especially common in the UK.
  • By the 1980s, electromechanical machines that became available during the 1960s were replaced with machines which were completely electric. This change gave people an opportunity to win more money as new machines allowed increased bets. Once the slots machines started using random number generators it became possible to use them by simply pressing a button.
  • Online casino in its early form became available to the general public during the 1990s. It’s only natural that slot machines that are so incredibly popular among players have become an essential part of the casinos available online. Thanks to advanced technology which is now available, the variety of online slots is astounding. They are no longer limited to the images of fruit and cards and you can find virtually any theme incorporated into the slots making them even more entertaining than they’ve ever been.

As you can see, slot machines have had a long history and now the majority of players both in the UK and around the world prefer playing this game online rather than visiting an actual offline casino, amusement arcade or pub. The reason for this change is the level of convenience provided by the online casinos, increased amount of payouts, and safety if you use only reliable sites licensed by the Gambling Commission. Another great opportunity that you get online is taking part in online slot tournaments which can be even more exciting and bring you more money in case of winnings.


Things you should consider when choosing a mobile online casino UK

There are thousands of online casinos available, and it is becoming harder and harder to choose the right one. Thankfully, there are many websites that have online casino reviews and ranking systems as well as no deposit bonus online casinos that allow you try first opportunity. By using those online gambling websites, you can easily find the top ten online casinos and use casino bonuses for your own good. However, there are a few things you should consider before trusting those ranking websites and joining a new online casino.

  1. First check if the online casino has UK License. All online gambling websites that provide their services to people in the UK should be licensed by the online Gambling Commission. You can check whether an online casino of your choice is licensed in the UK by going to the Gambling Commission’s official website and typing the name of the casino into the search field.
  2. Second check if reputation of the online casino is at appropriate level. One of the best things about the Internet is that it allows us to communicate freely and write about anything we want. Thus, anyone who had problems with an online casino can rate it and leave a review on public forums and online casino review websites. If a casino has rigged the odds or if it prevents people from withdrawing their winnings, users will react immediately, and the reputation of the online casino will go down the drain. All you have to do is Google the name of the online casino that you liked and see whether there are any bad online casino reviews.

Online bingo – a classic game in the online world

Nowadays, bingo is an undeniable staple in the gaming industry with nearly every online casino offering you an opportunity to test your luck playing this game of chance. Online bingo is obviously quite similar to its offline version, but the key difference is that instead of using actual bingo balls the system is based on the use of a random number generator to make sure that everything is fair. Similarly to other online casino games, there exist numerous variations of bingo so everyone can choose something that they will like. For instance, the most popular bingo games offered by online casinos include:

  • Thirty ball version – a speed game using a 3×3 card
  • Seventy-five ball version – a bingo game focused on a 5×5 card
  • Eighty ball version – this variation features 16 numbers on a 4×4 card
  • Ninety ball version – in this game there are nine numbers in each column on a 9×3 card

The majority of online casino sites also provide bingo players with chat rooms which makes it even more interesting to play and communicate with others. A lot of sites offer additional features to attract its users, so it’s only a matter of your own personal preferences.
As mentioned previously, the Gambling Commission conducts surveys to assess the gambling situation in the United Kingdom and according to the results, online bingo is one of the most widely-played games in the country.


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