3 reel classic slots online

If you’ve ever gambled, you’ve definitely come across 3 reel classic slots. They are the classic games that pioneered the whole slot machine frenzy in the United Kingdom, when online casinos didn’t yet exist. Traditional gambling venues are full of them, from Vegas to your local supermarket. They are often called “fruit machines”, because the symbols in these games traditionally were — and still often are — fruits. And nowadays, you can find these great classic slots games at online casinos too — often with an option to play free 3 reel slots.


The story of the 3 reel slots

3 reel slots were the first gambling machines to appear in bars in the UK. They were since banned many times, but now they are found in online casinos and in dedicated gambling venues.

3 reel slots have, as the name suggests, 3 reels that are spun. The player hopes to get matching lines of symbols, typically fruits. 3 reel slots are very simple games with a limited set of features, which is both their advantage and disadvantage. The early slot machines across Britain in gambling venues were typically very simple, with limited features and simple graphics. Over time, especially in the online sphere, games grew more complex and impressive, but the simpler games still have their vintage appeal. Players who want to experience a classic nostalgic vibe may turn to the 3 reel classic slots online, or alternatively, players who just want something simple without complicated rules may find the 3 reel slot machine their game of choice.

3 reel slots have the following benefits:

  • Classic, vintage vibe
  • Easy to use, no complex rules
  • Same prizes as other more advanced games

Since the 3 reel slot machines only have 3 reels to be spun, the available combinations of symbols are highly limited. Therefore, there’s a very limited set of possible winning combinations. But this doesn’t mean that the prizes are smaller. You can win just as much money from the 3 reel slots as you can from the more modern and more complex games. The payment from these games can be substantial.

Free 3 reel slots

In the internet age, we are lucky to have the option of trying games for free. In fact, we’ve collected on our website a list of hundreds of classic 3 reel slots from different casino software providers that you can try for free. We’ve selected the best top games. Playing free 3 reel slots is a great way of getting to know them, learn how they work and find your favorite before playing real money slots and taking risks. Besides, playing for free can be a lot of fun in itself. Spin the reels, hope for the best and even if you lose, your money is safe.

You can play these online classic slots with your computer, smartphone, tablet or any device on online sites. Online you get access to numerous benefits that traditional venues do not offer: bonus, large selection of games including live casino, etc.

We recommend you to take a look at our list of best free online slots and give them a try. You can play as much as you want and have a good time with these vintage classic fruit slots without worrying about losing money.


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