Everything You Should Know About Free Slot Machines with Bonus Rounds

Classic machines with a single screen might have started the era of video slots, but the technology brought many improvements to the gambling industry. The development of free slot machines with bonus rounds revolutionized the gaming scene in the United Kingdom. It allowed sites to offer more complex games with additional winning options.
What does an extra round mean? This is an additional feature that you can activate while playing particular free slot games with bonus features. If you meet the conditions specified by the rules, you will qualify to play a bonus game and win extra money. The requirements to activate this feature vary, so make sure to check the rules first.


What Are the Benefits of a Slot Having Bonus Rounds?

Why should you try these games when you visit an online casino? Here is the list of advantages to expect if you choose these machines:

  • A wide range of slot machines with bonus games – pick between different genres, themes, and layouts. That ensures everyone finds a machine that fits their preferences.
  • Cross-platform support – you can play these machines on any device, such as your smartphone or tablet.
  • Free and real money slots – would you like to practice and see if the machine suits your expectations? The majority of these solutions are available for free, and you can make a payment and play for actual cash whenever you feel like it.

The best part is that there is a variety of extra rounds available. Depending on the game’s concept, you might choose between multiple chests, shoot an arrow into the target, or play a mini-game on the second screen.

What Types of Free Casino Slots with Bonus Rounds Are There?

Check out the top types of free online slots with bonus rounds:

  • A three-reel layout – this is a simple reel layout, but it might offer bonus games with multipliers, free spins, and other features.
  • Five-reel layouts – these machines are usually more complex but offer additional ways to win.
  • Licensed games – you can pick a game inspired by a movie, TV show, and other popular fictional characters.
  • Pick your genre – do you enjoy playing fantasy and mythology games? Do you prefer detective ones with a background story? All those genres might contain extra games!
  • 3D free slots with bonus – these have been attracting the attention of the British players in the last couple of years.

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All it takes is to choose the game and give it a couple of seconds to load. You can play for free and use your PC or mobile phone. Don’t hesitate to pick your favourite and see why players around the world love free bonus slots with extra screens!


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